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I drew too much over the last three days so I can’t post everything

have some Dark Link 

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Gulping and scrambling to find a witty retort in her clouded mind, the sleepy princess spouted out the first thing that came up. “So the heroine of the sky is now the heroine of hairstyling?” Wow, that was lame. To complete this awful joke a comical grin stretched across her face, yet she was actually silently cursing herself for not coming up with something better. Her body was stiff until she realized how strung out both of them looked in the mirror together, biting her lip to hold back laughter.

"We’re quite an odd couple, hm?" Couple? Wait a minute, stop talking! The two were just very very good friends so it was a special case, right?

     Link let out a sharp giggle at the comment, knowing that the princess was probably still a bit tired. 'What a cutie' she thought to herself, an expression of amusement scribbled across her face. She didn’t want to say goodbye when the other had to get to work, but a princess needs her focus. Hilda, as the monarch of Lorule, was in a position of great importance, and Link needed to respect that. 

     At the princess’s next comment though, Link could feel her cheeks flush slightly, looking up into the mirror to examine their mussed up state. That’s right, huh? The events of the previous evening still hadn’t completely sunk in. It was still a little embarrassing to hear it so… bluntly. “Yeah, I guess we are, huh?” She giggled, straightening her back and holding her hand out as if asking for the brush.

"W-well..y..yes I guess we are." Shivers took hold, and a near colorless face was now filled with flushed color. The brush was passed off to her partner’s open hand, and her mind suddenly wandered off on the things she had to do today. Waking up wasn’t really what Hilda wanted to do right now, in all honesty. With a lament-filled sigh her cheerful face fell and she latched herself onto Link with a tight grip.

As it was, the violet princess would probably already be in her study, but..it’s okay to be a little late, right?



Noticing Link’s expression of wonderment the purple haired beauty giggled, nodding. “This is the back entrance and is not often seen by others..” she lowered her voice momentarily, “and with good reason of course.” The shades of yellow and red complimented the blonde girl, well of course everything seemed to. If it were anyone else Hilda would probably have been jealous, but instead she caught herself admiring her once more.

Clearing her throat and shaking her head, she squeezed her grip on the other’s hand and opened the large doors; rays of sunlight rushing in. The outdoors weren’t as green as Hyrule, yet, but the gloomy clouds had all vanished leaving a clear mid-noon sky. Everything seemed to have a glow to it from the water that was left behind, and reflected the country’s healing beauty almost as soon as the doors had opened.

The princess pulled at her friend’s hand, tugging her out on a muddy dirt path and grinning in a boasting manner.

     At the slight pressure against her palm, she unconsciously felt herself squeeze back. Warm rays of sunlight shone over the two as the magnificent doors were pushed open, revealing a… unique setting. Certainly not in a bad way. It was simply as if the terrain itself was blooming. It felt new; fresh.

     Link let out a sigh of contentment, but was cut short by the elder woman tugging her down the path. She fumbled a bit with her footing, catching sight of the triumphant smile placed firmly on Her Highness’s lips. Her eyes locked on the other for a brief moment, before quickly returning to the ground. When they were outside last, they had been beneath a large overhang and the rain had been pouring down rather hard, but now they were in the wide open. Sunlight rained down over Hilda with nearly as much passion as the drops had earlier. Her violet locks took on a gracious hue, illuminated perfectly by the lovely afternoon sun. 

     The way her eyes seemed to sparkle at that moment though set a fire in Link’s chest. A fire she didn’t want to admit she felt. “Where are you going?” She asked, her eyes roaming the area, hoping to get her mind off her troubles.

The ruler stopped mid-stride and thought for a moment; she had never really been outside the castle after all. Ravio had warned her of the dangers of the outside whenever he came to visit before..well, before they got a Triforce again. She didn’t exactly want to admit that she had no idea where she was going, but the silent panic plastered on her face could easily give it away.

The castle she could navigate, but this? This was a whole new playing field for her.

The dark beauty’s porcelain ears twitched, the deer-in-headlights look not fading in the least. “We’re..going east..?” Yeah sure, that was a proper answer, right. A sudden nervousness took hold of her; what if the cults were still around? What about the monsters? What if they got lost? Hilda flashed a desperate “help” expression towards the girl she was connected to.

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it is 4 am and is there a loz pairing i don’t ship??  (the answer is yes there are A LOT)




The reaction of a lot, I’m surprised. Thank you! (*´∀`*) Do you like any link? I love everyone! ! あたらしい子 | yuhya #pixiv


So I’m trying to draw this gif and be all serious about it but the more I watch it the more I just see




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Oh! Since everyone seems to be doing Link headcanons and such, I sort of have a break from that. I see a lot of Dark Link fanart of him with pure white skin and hair or just like he is in game with black hair and skin. I have a headcanon that dark beings start out pitch black to be representative of Demise, but if they do good deeds they get recognized by the goddesses and earn pure white skin and hair to be representative of Hylia.


woah okay this is a whole new perspective! Dark Link is pitch black in the game because he actually was the one who brought evil into it and he lured you into that hell of a place. He won’t earn pure white skin for at least another fifteen other lives because of that

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